Case Study 2


A boy,19 years old named Yogender Singh (Departed child), son of Mr. Lotan Singh. They have a large family, He lives with his parents and with his two brothers and two sisters. He resides in a place which is under Palamu district, Jharkhand. Economically this village graph is very poor, child fund India started working in this area and Presently Yogender engaged in tailoring and support his family, his father is a cultivator by occupation and some time he also doing some alternative jobs, his father has been work hard to doing his best to fulfill the requirements of his families but he failed to fulfill their basic needs and requirements.


Agriculture is the main occupation of this village. Education, road, Water, electricity are the main concern of this village,In this village boys do not complete their education and dropout is the little bit higher in this case so, they migrate for income generating sources in other states. This issue was common but after several programs organized by Child Fund India through its local partner Vedic Society, that results to address these issue. Before intervention of Vedic Society Yogender had been dropout from his study in 12th standard for fulfill their families needs. His family condition was very poor. He got to know that an organization doing survey of deprived, excluded and vulnerable child in their village. The survey was conducted through Vedic Society, local partner of Child Fund India. During this period many children got trained by Child Fund India project, yogender was one of them, the team learnt about their families weak financial status and they have a large family and only yogender’s fathers earns. so he did not fulfill his families basic needs properly.

Response & Outcome:

Yogender, enrolled and got sponsored. he has taken training by sponsorship and earn something and provide money to his family, at present he is now in Bangalore and works in tailoring works and worth Rs. 12000/- per month His life been changed in many ways. Through Child Fund India project he got help and support through this job sponsorship. He was very hardworking and sincere to his job. This supports also bring changes in his family. Now he is very happy with his job and supporting to his families basic needs. He also wants that his brother and sisters complete their education and qualify for a job.