Good Governance & Peoples Participation

VEDIC Society is working in collaboration with CCF India, for the well being of vulnerable children by empowering the community to undertake and manage holistic child development programs and by networking with other stakeholders. It strives to facilitate the development of each child in a holistic way, taking into account the different phases of development […]

Quality Education

Education is one such key intervention area for VEDIC to build a foundation for lifelong learning in Children and Young Adolescents. VEDIC has been working on improving the quality of education in government run schools through interventions that are age appropriate, relevant and child-centered. Its programs address important educational challenges and needs of children ranging […]

Health & Hygiene

With the main objective to improved reproductive and sexual health behaviour of the young people belong to the age group of 11 to 24 years, with the support from Child Fund India, a project is being implemented by this Society in Rankikhurd village in Satbarwa block in Palamu district. It supports youth to practice healthy […]

Livelihood And Agriculture Development

Under this, VEDIC Society works through watershed development and self-help group formation approaches with support of KKS BMZ Germany. Watershed It aims to conserve water in drought-prone and degraded forest area. It has been a boon for the farmers of the drought-stricken area. The objectives of the project are: It is based on water conservation […]

Child Protection & Child Development

Every child deserves the best chance for a bright future. And that’s why we are fiercely committed to ensuring children not only survive, but thrive. Bold in our ambition and powerful in our care. All children can be vulnerable by virtue of their young age and evolving capacities. They can be ‘open to’ harm, injury, […]

Women Rights & Development

Right from the very beginning, women have been both, the major beneficiaries of interventions as well as the major agents of social change. As the women are the most disadvantageous and marginalized, subject to a lot of exploitation, their socio-economic development is a major thrust area. To strengthen them, SHGs are formed and training is […]