Child Protection & Child Development

Child Camp

Every child deserves the best chance for a bright future. And that’s why we are fiercely committed to ensuring children not only survive, but thrive. Bold in our ambition and powerful in our care. All children can be vulnerable by virtue of their young age and evolving capacities. They can be ‘open to’ harm, injury, violence, and abuse. Due to different circumstances or factors children can also be vulnerable to adverse influences and ‘at risk’ behavior. Marginalization further exacerbates vulnerability. In development settings like India, the burden of risk and vulnerability falls disproportionately on children. Impact of child vulnerability and marginalization can be short term or long term depending on the extent, nature and severity, and other factors. The damage can also be permanent. The impact can be on the physical, emotional, social, psychological and mental health and well-being of the child.

VEDIC Society has been representing the voice of the deprived, excluded and vulnerable children in Latehar & Plamu district since 1991, regardless of their race, creed and gender. We work in the remotest locations of the district through our child centered interventions aiming to influence and bring about lasting changes in the lives of our children. VEDIC Society has worked tirelessly to overcome and eliminate the strongest barriers to quality education and helped children realize their right to be healthy, educated, protected and valued.