Health & Hygiene

With the main objective to improved reproductive and sexual health behaviour of the young people belong to the age group of 11 to 24 years, with the support from Child Fund India, a project is being implemented by this Society in Rankikhurd village in Satbarwa block in Palamu district. It supports youth to practice healthy behaviours, form positive relationships, access essential services, and live free from sexual exploitation and abuse. Young adults are educated about issues such as early marriage and early pregnancy, family planning, safe abortion, and sexual violence against adolescent girls, while also learning to guard against diseases like malaria, diarrhoea, pneumonia and anaemia. It emphasized on RTI/STI (for reducing sexually transmitted diseases) and ARSH, and worked with families and communities to increase knowledge and understanding around the social norms that increase risk for negative health impacts. Equal emphasis wass given to imparting crucial life skills. The aim of behavioural interventions was to influence individual behaviour patterns by improving control over sexual activity, delaying initiation of intercourse, minimizing partner change, promoting appropriate health seeking behaviour, and encouraging use of contraception or in the case of young homosexual men, non-contraceptive barrier methods.

The thematic areas covered by this project are Abortion, Adolescents Total health and hygiene system, Contraception, Female genital mutilation, Menstruation hygiene Management, Infertility and motherhood, Maternal and prenatal health, Sexually transmitted and reproductive tract infections, Sexual health, Safe motherhood/Delivery, and Violence against women. Major activities under this project undertaken are as below.

Key Achievement

  • 20% improvement of Kitchen Garden for Project Area.
  • 60% IFA tablets and de-worming use of Adolescent girls.
  • 45% periodic anaemia screening (blood test).
  • 50% Sanitary Paid Use of Adolescent during Menstruation Period.
  •  90 Adolescent girls Trained in ANC, PNC & Safe Delivery.
  • 90 Adolescent girls Trained in MHM.
  • 60 Mata Samiti & 60 WSHG Trained in anaemia, RTI/STI and Menstruation hygiene.
  •  39 Adolescent girls Trained in Reproductive & Sexual health.
  • 14 Adolescent girls have got Medical Support