Case Study

In a village of Marang Loiya Panchayat named Jilanga, Situated 12 km far from Block office, is a completely backword village there is no health and other fundamental  facilities are available in the village, a School named Upgraded Middle School Jilanga, where SMC formed but not functional, the committee didn’t seat regularly, even the members of the committee didn’t know whether they are members of the committee or not, after the intervention of VEDIC Society (Supported  by UNICEF) the committee got the essential trainings at cluster level,  in this training SMC members  along with presidents  participated and got information about RTE 2009 and the roles and responsibilities of the committee, the training played an important roles among all the participants, in this way a person named  Md. Anul haq was the president of UMS jilanga’s SMC, he didn’t use to visit school regularly and was not able to look after the situation of the school including MDM, Education, attendance and other elementary monitoring at their level, but after the training he started visiting school regularly, and took a great initiative to make functional Toilets, Library and insuring monthly meetings, proper and qualitative MDM, regularise the attendance of teachers and Students, where a total of 308 children enrolled and now 255 students come regularly in the school, previously (Before Intervention) there were all together 150 to 155 students used to come at school, now all the SMC members are awared and took initiative to insure quality education at their school.