Children’s Parliament has grown garden outside the school

The Bal Sansad member planting flower.

This is the story of High school Patratu situated at 10 KM far from collectorates. In this school, children from scheduled tribe and tribal communities come from an area of 5 kilometres. In this school 290 boys and 306 girls are enrolled. 

The school had constituted a Bal Sansad, but the Bal Sansad was not active. The meeting of the Children’s Parliament was held by the teacher. But the members of the Children’s Parliament were not aware of their roles and responsibility.


The workers of the VEDIC Society met the children of Bal Sansad, the children were given two days of training by the society. Time to time, the staff of VEDIC Society took part in their meetings and told them about new ways to improve the school. After this some bal sansad members were taking initiative and organise regular meetings. After a few months VEDIC staffs were started to give task in their meeting and gardening is one of the tasks which given to the child cabinet in monsoon. Thereafter the Prime Minister Miss Juli Kumari, environment minister Aman Kumar, Sahbaj Khan and all the Bal Sansad members were decided to start the gardening in the vacant places outside the school.

After the children had made up their mind, what was the matter? All the ministers chose vacant places outside the school for gardening and after cleaning them, they planted a flower plant there.

Now this is the situation where people around the school throw dirty things there, the flowers of marigold are spreading fragrance. For this, the Children’s Parliament deserves congratulations.