Farmer Producer Organization

 The Company has implemented different activity in Latehar districts in Jharkhand during the year. The major focuses of all its endeavours were on Agriculture, increase the income of the farmers, and promotion of livelihood through agriculture. A glimpse of these project activities and achievements are as below.

Livelihood Promotion through Sustainable Eco-Friendly Agricultural This project is being implemented in 10 villages of 4 Gram Panchayat in Latehar block. It is supported by KKS-BMZ, Germany. The goals of this project are – Contribute actively to reduce poverty of 850 socially & economically disadvantaged & vulnerable indigenous marginal & small farmer households of Latehar Block in Jharkhand by improving their livelihood status.

Project will contribute to decimate Millennium Development Goals: 1. Poverty and Hunger; 3. Gender Equality; and 7. Environment Sustainability. The specific objective is to improve living of 850 BPL families with around 4,500 members of marginal and small farmers through increased income by adopting eco-friendly sustainable agriculture practices. During the reporting year, different activities were done to achieve the expected result as following.

 Result – 1: Social Empowerment: Self Help Groups, Kishan Clubs & Water User Groups (Watershed Committees) are effectively managing available resources (Own land, Homestead, Commons, Livestock, Job as Wage labour etc.) and 70% of target groups have access to Govt. schemes & services.

 Result – 2: Watershed/Infrastructure: Watershed Infrastructure ensured improved agriculture production in 644 Acres of land in 10 villages

 Result –3: Agriculture Promotion: Improved land productivity measures and ecological restoration practices are successfully adopted by 700 HHs benefiting 644 Acres of land in 10 villages by increasing production and tiding over crisis during lean period.

 Result – 4: Income Enhancement/IGA: 150 Households are engaged in animal husbandry i.e. Goat rearing to increase their income.

 Result – 5: Alternative Domestic Energy: All 850 beneficiary families of 10 villages use Solar Lantern, the renewable energy saving devices for domestic use that reduced the difficulties caused by the power cut for indefinite period.

 Major activities done under this project are listed below.

A. 500 farmers of project area have been organized in 10 Farmers Club in 10 villages;

 B. 44 Master Trainers have been developed by the process of training and orientation have taken the responsibility of training the farmers at community level in an ongoing manner;

C. 30 SHGs are formed and functional since 31.12.2015 with total members 367;

 D. Savings to tune the of Rs. 4,12,750/- (of 22 SHGs with 260 members) is accumulated and 124 members of 22 SHGs have been provided loan by their respective SHGs (Rs.1,71,950/-) to meet their urgent needs;

E. Construction of Check Dams (2 in Ghutua and Harkha villages);

F. Construction of 4 Lift Irrigation facilities (Ghutua, Harkha, Sukuri, and Bardhpathar villages);

G. 4 Well Renovation (Sukari, Bariatu Jagir, Odan and Jaram villages);

H. Plantation (Follow up)

I. IEC material development (Crop Calendar etc.)

J. Training and Exposure (Staff Training, Partners Meet etc.)

K. Training on Goat Rearing m. SHG Capacity Building Training; and n. Follow up of ongoing activities including Crop Management, Farmers Meeting/Training and supervision at field level.